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Cartoplastica srl was found in the 70ies in the city of Biban near Carbonera by Andrea Visentin, firm researches of innovative solutions in the field of packaging. He produced Expanded Polystyrene and was involved in many sectors such as Building Material, Food and Fish Packaging, along with a complete range of Seed Trays, Sheets and Technical Products, so to be able to cover all the client needs.
Polystyrene was discovered in the 70ies and patented by BASF, a major multinational German company; the latter gave to Cartoplastic the license to produce Polystyrene as this was at that time the only company able to focus completely on the production of this new material in the North East Area of Italy.
In 1997 the son of Andrea, Renzo Visentin decided to evolve the company to create a new reality different from the old one and up to the new challenges: using the same EPS material, the range of products offered is now on a higher level up to Sheets and Technical Materials. Errevi was found as the commercial partner of Cartoplastica, sharing the same headquarter and production lines so that a greater efficiency and optimization of the resources is achieved.